005 – Opening Up a Healthy Restaurant with Cevin Lee

Today we talk with Cevin Lee. He wanted to launch his own restaurant that can serve healthy food options. Hear about the process and what he had to deal with when opening his establishment. Learn about some of the personal struggles he went through. What is he trying to accomplish? He goes into his passion for design also. You will definitely get some value from this episode. Big Time Dreams!

004 – Massage Therapist becomes a Successful Real Estate Investor with Corey Boyles

Today we have Corey Boyles. He started off doing massage therapy. He saved up some money and got into real estate by buying a small house to fix and flip. It did not go as smooth as he would have hoped. However, he kept at it. He eventually built his own wholesaling business. He caught the eye of real estate investing company. Now he is working for them buying several houses a month. He has many passions but the vehicle he uses is real estate. Learn how he got there. Big Time Dreams!