013 – Trying to Change the Game in Mathematics with Jerry Knoelke

Today we have Jerry Knoelke. He is a retired high school math teacher that saw blank stares from his students in math class. He came up with a method that can help people learn upper level math quicker. He says his uniform formula works across different subjects, such as Algebra, Probability and Calculus. He is hoping to change the game in mathematics universally. He wants this (PRESS) method to be in every school worldwide. The method basically breaks down a word problem and gets it into an equation that is ready to simplify or reduce. That is the best way I can explain it. Come find out about this simple formula that can help countless numbers of people to learn high-level math. He has a Masters in mathematics and teaching. Jerry Knoelke’s new book “Math is not Magic” is available at http://www.conquermath.center , Amazon and everywhere else books can be found. Big Time Dreams!

012 – Lending Money to Fix and Flip Homes with Shawn Greeves

Today we have a Hard Money Lender named Shawn Greeves. He lends money to people that to fix and flip homes. Though the rates are higher, there is less qualifying. It is based on the after repair value and purchase price of the house. Shawn has a wealth of experience in lending and real estate game. He also goes into a story of a detour he took trying to be a poker dealer. I consider him a very successful person and have always wanted to meet him. He is also big into programming your subconscious mind for success. This is a great story, great personality and great lessons you can learn to help in your business and life. There is also a story in here where he makes $2 million dollars! You can also check him out at www.thegreevesmethod.com. Big Time Dreams!

011 – Making a Living Getting People Drunk with Dave Ngo

Today’s episode is with Dave Ngo. He is a guy that was on track to be an engineer. He realized that he was not going to be happy doing that for long. He got a side gig bartending for a hotel bar and really enjoyed it. He started Bay Area Bartenders (www.bayareabartenders.com) not to long after that. After a few years, he was able to hire a full time assistant and things have taken off from there. He goes into his passions, challenges and his thought process behind the business. He also has a security firm that provides services to commercial buildings. There are a ton of lessons for people looking or starting their own business. This is a really cool story of an entrepreneur going for his dreams. Even, though his parents are still bugging him to get a “real job”. Big Time Dreams!

010 – Turning her Love for Music into a Full Time Career with Tracy Cruz

This episode is with singer and music teacher, Tracy Cruz. She had a love for music since pretty much the beginning of her life. She saw the joy it brought to the people around her. After going through a few majors in college, she decided to make it music. She started her own music teaching business. She now gets to do music as her job full time! She has flexible hours which really helps being a young mother. She is also promoting her own music and herself as an artist. You can find her at ww.tracycruzmusic.com. She will let you in on the joys and struggles in dealing with her career as a music teacher and musician. Tracy is truly doing her passion. Big Time Dreams!