Raising Money to Buy Apartments with Aaron Fragnito

Aaron Fragnito raises money to purchase apartment buildings in New Jersey. Raising money in Real Estate is called a Syndication. Having a big nice apartment building has always been a dream of mine. Aaron is going to school us on what he does and how he becomes successful at it. Learn how to raise money the right way. Big Time Dreams!

45 – How to Love your Job

Do you want to love your job? It is a big part of your life. It would be nice to actually LOVE it. We all have different things we like and dislike about our jobs. But, with some work you can improve your happiness at work. I am going to give you some tips and ideas on how to turn your boring 9-to-5 into “I love what I am doing.”  Grab a pen with paper and lets get to loving what you do.

044 – Getting Rid of Self-Criticism with Liz Garcia

Liz Garcia helps us try and tackle negative self-talk. Liz is an expert at higher consciousness and elevating your thoughts. She is the owner of TheMindBodySpiritNetwork.com an online directory for holistic health resources.  She also has “Your weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness” Podcast.  She is an SEO or Search Engine Optimization expert. I am very happy to have her here. Coming and learn about how to remove the blocks in your mind.

043 – Business Skills are Needed to be a Chiropractor with Tuong Mai

What is the real scoop with Chiropractors? Are they real doctors? How much schooling is needed? Is it really that good of a job?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects growth of chiropractors to be at 12% over the next 10 years.  That is faster than the average of all other occupations.  The average hourly rate of a Chiropractor is $71 per hour.

Today we have my friend Tuong Mai, who is a Chiropractor out of San Jose, California. We are going to get into the ins-and-out of whats really going on in this field.

042 – From Miscarriages to Fertility Coach with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy

Pradeepa Narayanaswamy is a Fertility Coach who helps people and couples through infertility struggles. She has a remarkable story of turning tragedy into triumph. Imagine having 3 miscarriages and 6 other fertility treatments that did not work. She did everything she possibly could to conceive a baby naturally.  All of them failed.  But, she turned that experience into something that will help many people and couples down the road. She was also able to adopt a son! Lets hear how Pradeepa turned hardship into a successful business that helps a lot of people that are struggling with infertility. This is an eye-opening show!

041 – Learn about the Music Business with Grammy-Award Winning Producer J.R.

I grew up thinking you really couldn’t make a decent living being an artist, unless you were a superstar. Hence the term ”Starving Artist”. J.R. is a producer and singer amongst other things. He won a Grammy for production on LaCreae’s album “Gravity”.  How can he do music full-time? That’s what I’m trying to find out. J.R. has a lot of great insights about the music game and how you can succeed in digital music age.

040 – Income Producing Real Estate helped me Quit my Job

This episode is from an interview I had on “Millennial Real Estate Podcast”. We go into my journey on how real estate became my path to financial freedom. I will teach you how I acquired rental properties and was finally able to quit my job. There was a lot of up and downs, but it was totally worth it.   My path was much different than other real estate stories. Check it out so you can learn. Big Time Dreams!

039 – People, Technology and Process with Dave Scott

A lot of young people want to own their own business and are good with making online content. Why not put them together do digital marketing for others? What is digital marketing? It is marketing online. It is making content and implementing a marketing message. Dave Scott of Scott Digital Marketing runs his own marketing company. He helps other businesses with their online marketing plan.  This episode will give you some insights on what it takes to start your own business.

038 – Choosing the Right Product to Sell

Do you want to start your own business but not sure what to sell? This is very common. I am here to help you breakdown what to think about when choosing your product or service. (Hint) It is not all about the numbers. What are you passionate about that is also profitable? Picking your product or service is super important. Listen to get an overall framework on how to wisely choose your thing. Big Time Dreams!

037 – Personally Thanking 5 New People each Day with, Mr. Thank you, John Isreal

John Isreal has a tremendous story. He did something that is harder then it sounds. He made and gave 5 handwritten thank you cards to different people everyday for a year. I don’t even know that many people. How can you do 1825 cards? It is amazing what happened to John and how he grew from this experience. He wanted to practice gratitude and that’s exactly what he did. Find out how intentionally thanking people can change your life.