My Mom

I shared with my mom that I am creating a Podcast. I was all excited and telling her I was going to meet all these people and learn new things. She wasn’t as excited as me 🙁 . I wonder why she would think that? She told me that I should continue to focus on my business and maximize that potential. She is worried I will squander everything away and neglect my family and life to do my “passion”. For real mom? You think I will be like selling my couch like a drug addict just to get a few more podcast episodes in? I surely hope not. Though I do understand where she is coming from, I will use podcasting as an outlet for me. I will still be running my business and taking care of the family. Podcasting is just fun for me and has taught me so much about things that I am curious about. Sorry Mom, but I have to go with what I love. Love you though!

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