005 – Opening Up a Healthy Restaurant with Cevin Lee

Today we talk with Cevin Lee. He wanted to launch his own restaurant that can serve healthy food options. Hear about the process and what he had to deal with when opening his establishment. Learn about some of the personal struggles he went through. What is he trying to accomplish? He goes into his passion for design also. You will definitely get some value from this episode. Big Time Dreams!

004 – Massage Therapist becomes a Successful Real Estate Investor with Corey Boyles

Today we have Corey Boyles. He started off doing massage therapy. He saved up some money and got into real estate by buying a small house to fix and flip. It did not go as smooth as he would have hoped. However, he kept at it. He eventually built his own wholesaling business. He caught the eye of real estate investing company. Now he is working for them buying several houses a month. He has many passions but the vehicle he uses is real estate. Learn how he got there. Big Time Dreams!

003 – Architect Turned Horse Trainer and Rescuer with Lisa Wynne

This week with talk with Lisa Wynne. She had a love for horses since a young age. She went to college and first began as an architect. She was doing horse rescue on the side. When the opportunity came up, she took all she had and put it into a horse ranch call the Holistic Horsemanship Institute of America. She now does horseback riding lessons and horse rehabilitation among other things. Listen to this story of a woman going for her passion.

002 – Path to CEO with Chuck Jackson

This is an interview with Chuck Jackson, CEO of Zen Agriculture. We go through the story of how it all began and the journey to now. He has had different jobs from travel director, public policy, selling radio ads and more. He has worked for 3M, Fox Sports among others. He also likes to do projects as an executive producer. Chuck has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We would be a fool not to take the time to learn from him. This was also such a fun interview because of Chuck’s personality. You will see that for yourself. Big Time Dreams!

Running a Cleaning Business trying to make it as a Singer/Songwriter

Episode 1 –¬†Running a Cleaning Business while trying to make it as a Singer/Songwriter


Today Nina “Make Me a Hit” Jackson joins us. She started a cleaning business when realized she could do a better job than most other companies out there. She goes into her business and how she is able to get loyal customers.¬† Her passion is music and she is working overtime to make her dreams come true. This is a truly motivating story about a young lady that is hustling hard, taking action on her goals, and trying to make it Big Time!